Sunday, March 2, 2008

Back to Saturday group and riding alone

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I got up for the Saturday AM group swim. Im always up at 5am anyway, might as well get used to swimming again at that time in preparation for Ironman training. We usually get between 2000-2500m in 45minutes. I swam with my Tuesday/Thursday swim buddy, Jeff, and I think I damn near killed him. On the last few laps, he was way back. On Tues/thurs, we swim at his pace, around 1:50-1:55/100m. I usually pick it up when I take my turn at the front, to about 1:45 or so. Im thinking that next Tuesday, Im going to push him a lot. I need the training and he is very capable of keeping that pace, he just needs to warm up first. Not bad for a guy more than 10 years my senior. Then again, there are lots of guys in their 50's that can kick my ass all over the pool.
Right after the swim, I got dressed for an outdoor bike ride. Something a lot of folks in my swim group dont want to do unless it is 65+ F outside. I tried to convince a few people to go but there were plenty of excuses and no takers. I left about 750am on my rain bike, fully fendered, and was immediatly glad I put my extra jacket on. My head was chilly from having my new "aero" hair cut, but overall, I was toasty. Note to self, need new booties, my old ones are plumb worn out. I was having a great ride, testing myself on all the hills, some short ones, some long ones. I even did a 3.5 mile offroad ride on the same trail I run on. It started raining right about the time I was looking at going back to the club but I decided to try and stay out for longer. It only rained for 15 minutes but that was a long time as I got colder and my legs felt really tight. I put it in an easier gear and began trying to spin at 90+rpm to keep my legs from totally siezing up. I took it easy for the last 15 minutes except I chose to go back a shorter way, and took a very steep hill, probably 10% grade, back to the club. I ended up with 2:10 for time, unsure about the mileage as my rain bike doesnt have a computer, but my HR Average was 139. I didnt do any specific workout today, just wanted to get some saddle time outside. I want to really thank the inventor of Chamois Butt'R, its a Godsend.

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